Windows Mobile is so broken the clock doesn't even work

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is part one of what will probably become a gigantic laundry list of my grievances against Windows Mobile.

Here is my shiny, not-quite-new-anymore HTC Touch Pro 2 (AT&T calls it the Tilt 2).

Windows Mobile 6.5 locked screen

Even on this simple screen, the locked screen where you can't do anything other than unlock it, there are many things wrong:

  1. Obviously the biggest problem is that the top right corner says 14:48 (the correct time) and the bottom, in big bold numbers, it says 00:00. Midnight is of absolutely no relevance to anything whatsoever, other than perhaps being an uninitialized/broken clock value. I have no meetings, alarms, or anything scheduled at midnight.
  2. The 00:00 (which displays the actual time 80% of the time, and midnight 20% of the time) is only available on this locked screen because the screen has more useful stuff when it's unlocked. The 14:48 in the top right is only displaying because I enabled a setting somewhere, which means when the phone is unlocked, by default you can't even see what time it is. (And when it's locked you often see a useless time.)
  3. How much battery charge do I have left? I have no idea. I also haven't figured out whether there exists a setting somewhere to enable displaying an icon for that.
  4. Why is there a big H icon (the type of data connection) and then a little H icon with signal bars next to it? Sometimes the big H turns into 3G or E — and the little symbol over the signal bars always changes with it. Why waste space with two icons when one clearly suffices? If this is not the case, why make it so confusing that I, as a Windows Mobile developer, can't even figure it out?

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pat on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 10:30

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