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Xcode 4 "succeeded" archiving app but nothing appears in Organizer

Friday, March 11, 2011

I recently switched one of my iOS projects from Xcode 3 to Xcode 4, and, while I ran into many problems, one of the biggest was the broken "Build and Archive" functionality. It worked if I created a new project from scratch, but it wouldn't work on my existing project — it would say it succeeded, but it would output an empty xcarchive and nothing would show up in the Organizer.

After a long, long process of trial and error (since Xcode didn't produce any error/warning messages, and there was nothing in the console), I found what the culprit was, at least for my project. I simply had to un-set the "Installation Directory" and "Skip Install" configs under the "Deployment" section of my target, and let the defaults take over. I'm using xcconfig files instead of setting these in the project file, so to do this I deleted INSTALL_PATH and SKIP_INSTALL. Interestingly, the same settings worked fine with Xcode 3.

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