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Success! You have shared your Yahoo! information

Monday, February 6, 2012

You're probably reading this because you received an email like this:

Hi [name],
You agreed to share your Yahoo! information with dzhang for contacts.
If you did not agree to share your information, stop sharing [link].

Yahoo! Account Services

I'm just an individual with a domain name that happens to be the same as a string found in that email. While I'm not the one invading your address book, I can try pointing you in the right direction.

As much as I dislike Yahoo! Answers, it actually seems to have the correct explanation for this problem. It looks like Samsung is a culprit here, so if you want this to stop, don't access your Yahoo! account using a Samsung app and/or tell Samsung to fix their broken software.

Edit: Based on the comments here saying it's not Samsung-specific, I'm guessing it might be some third-party app that can be installed on these devices.

Edit2: Here is an official page from Yahoo regarding the issue.

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