Skype fails to start on Fedora 13, nothing displayed and 100% CPU usage

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I upgraded to Fedora 13 (from 12) today and spent an hour figuring out why everything worked fine but Skype wouldn't start... symptoms included:

  • 100% CPU usage and no disk activity immediately after launching Skype
  • No window or any GUI element shows up, no sign that it's doing anything useful
  • No console output

After a while, strace skype gave me a hint. I'm not really sure whose fault this is, but apparently somebody broke something somewhere and the fangsongti font is causing freetype to hang. This also causes the nspluginwrapper for 32-bit Flash to hang.

Fix: yum remove bitmap-fangsongti-fonts

I filed a bug report on Redhat's bugzilla but got denied.

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